Artichokes, capers, lemony chicken, and a glass of Poggio Grande Tagete creates the ultimate taste bud flavor party in your mouth! This is a go-to quick and easy dinner recipe I keep on repeat. My family loves it!

Skirt steak is undoubtedly one of the most flavorful cuts of beef available, especially when it is left to rest in a Tuscan-style marinade, making it extra juicy and delicious. I like to keep it simple when preparing this go-to summertime recipe. A green vegetable, like grilled asparagus, is a must, along with crispy potatoes to sop up the juices and a simple green salad. The most essential element to accompany grilled steak is a big, bold red wine! This absolutely takes this recipe to another level of divineness. I suggest a bottle of Le Senate Blu Vellluto Spento from Le Marche. This 100% Cabernet Franc paired with the Bistecca alla Griglia will leave you speechless and satisfied.

Even the carnivores in your household will find that they can’t get enough of this plant-based burger that tastes just like the real thing. The meaty texture of portobello mushrooms, along with their porous nature, allows them to absorb a great deal of flavor and makes them an excellent alternative ingredient for meat-based dishes. Pair this tasty dish with a glass of excellent red wine. I suggest a 100% Cab Franc from the region of Le Marche, Le Senate Blu Velluto Spento. Pure Heaven!

Many of you know I’m vegan to support my husband,  Stephen. He has arthritis and doesn’t want to take drugs that may help but could harm his body. We went on a 3-week wellness retreat for alternatives. After two weeks of eating vegan, his wedding band slipped off because of reduced inflammation. We committed to a vegan diet for a year, which began our food odyssey. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed making my favorite dishes vegan. This is my creation whenever I crave Chicken Piccata, a dish I usually make once a week. Pair this amazingly delicious meatless wonder with a chilled glass of Centanni Falerio, a beautiful blend of Passerina, Pecorino, and Trebbiano grapes from Le Marche.

As many of you know, I have been on a vegan diet to support my husband, Stephen. He has arthritis and does not want to take the medications that may help but could also damage other parts of his body. So we went on a 3-week wellness retreat to seek alternative methods. After the second week of eating an all-vegan diet, his wedding band fell off because the inflammation had gone down so much. We committed to staying with this diet for one year, which is how our vegan food adventure began. It has been a food challenge, but I have had fun recreating my favorite dishes using vegan options. This is a take on the classic Filetto Pepe Verde. This meaty Portobello with a delicious creamy peppercorn sauce pairs very nicely with a robust red wine like Madonna Nera Brunello di Montalcino.

Filetto Pepe Verde is not only simple but also incredibly quick to prepare. It is an iconic classic of international cuisine and a staple in the Italian kitchen. The flavor of the meat, which should always be of the best quality, is enhanced wonderfully by the velvety sauce. The best Pepe Verde I ever had was at Ristorante Tullio, in the center of Rome. This hidden gem is filled with Romans, not tourists, which means it is superb food! When eating this decadent dish, I like to pair it with a big, bold Brunello di Montalcino from Madonna Nera. It is absolutely the most fantastic pairing!

When I lived in Como, I was a mere 20-minute drive to the hustle and bustle of the chicest city in Italy, Milano. Not only is the shopping insane, but the restaurant options are endless and all of 5-star quality. Cotolette alla Milanese, breaded cutlets, is a well-known dish from Milan, along with Aspargi alla Milanese and Risotto alla Milanese. Milanese-style cutlets is a quick and easy recipe that everyone recognizes as the symbol of Milan. Traditionally this dish is made with thin veal cutlets; however, I prefer chicken or turkey. Serve this iconic breaded and fried deliciousness with a white wine higher in acid to cleanse the palate after each bite. I recommend Valente Emozione No. 1, a 100% Montonico wine from the mountains of Abruzzo.

Brodetto was initially created out of necessity, as every fishing boat had fish and seafood that could not be sold due to poor quality or size, so Marche’s fisherman invented a delicious silky-textured fish soup, as they did not ever throw anything away. This simple dish could be made directly on board the ship with a bit of seawater, vinegar, and olive oil. Almost every town in every region along the coastline of Italy has its version of Brodetto. Enjoy a crisp, chilled glass of Marchese white wine, like Centanni’s Falerio, a beautiful blend of Passerina, Pecorino, and Trebbiano grapes.

Swordfish is a popular fish in Italy, especially the further south you go. When I visit Catania, I love to go to the Antica Trattoria La Paglia to experience the authentic Catanese cuisine. They have been open since 1814! I had an unforgettable Pesce Spada, swordfish, at the trattoria, which I often make at home when I can find fresh swordfish steaks. I enjoy serving this dish with roasted potatoes to soak up the delicious sauce and pesto green beans. I actually prefer a glass of red wine with this fish! Pairing rules out the window, but a glass of Poggio Grande’s Piano really takes this recipe to another level.

Pollo al Mattone” means chicken cooked under a brick. This traditional method uses bricks to weigh down a butterflied chicken, which allows even and quick cooking and yields crispy skin and the most succulent meat. The best Pollo al Mattone I have ever eaten was at a villa we rented in Sarteano, Tuscany. We arranged for a chef to make us dinner upon our arrival. It was salty, lemony, crispy, and juicy. My taste buds were delighted. I asked Chef Gigi how she made this bland bird so flavorful, and she gave me her recipe, which I am now sharing with you. She also explained that this method of cooking poultry originates from the Etruscans. I am positive even way back then, those Etruscans were enjoying this dish with a glorious glass of Tuscan white wine. I suggest Tagete from Poggio Grande. It is a perfect blend of Marsanne Rousanne and the ideal match for this recipe! Salute!

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