Earthy mushrooms sauteed with Sicilian Marsala wine until a glorious glossy sauce appears is my interpretation of divine deliciousness. I often serve these savory mushrooms as a side dish; however, they are very scrumptious tossed with your favorite pasta. Don’t forget the vino!! Poggio Grande Scorbutico is a lovely wine to pair with this dish.

Crispy, salty, and slightly sweet Brussel sprouts cooked with pancetta is the only way I can get my family to eat this cabbage-like vegetable. The trick is to get an almost carmelized exterior, extra browned, which the pancetta fat helps to achieve effortlessly. The end result is a crunchy outside with a tender inside. A refreshing glass of Valente Emozione No 1 100% Montonico is the perfect wine to serve with this recipe.

This is another incognito vegetable I sneak in to get my family to eat cauliflower. Once golden brown and mingled in with roasted garlic cloves, green olives, spicy habanero peppers and tossed with sea salt these florets are devoured with gusto. I like to pair a crisp and refreshing white wine from Umbria like a 100% Grechetto Madrevite Elve’.

Stuffed artichokes, the way my Grandmother made them, is one of my favorites foods. The crispy tops steamed breadcrumb mixture, and the tender artichoke meat on the leaves it the perfect combo. The only way to make these artichokes better is to add a glass of Poggio Grande Tagete! Salute!!

Asparagus with melted sharp cheese and cooked Italian ham is a comfort food from heaven. This Gratinee will warm your tummy and your soul, especially when paired with a Grechetto wine, which compliments the notoriously difficult to pair asparagus. Madrevite Elve’ solves the asparagus pairing dilemma and elevates this recipe to an entirely higher level.

I love to roast overripe, shriveled tomatoes to bring them to a whole new level of deliciousness. These savory, sweet beauties can be used in several ways, one of my favorites is to simmer with some garlic and toss with pasta. Check out the recipe. Be sure to enjoy with a glass of bold and beautiful Madonna Nera Brunello di Montalcino.

This is Spring in a bowl…peas, prosciutto, and shallots, savory and fresh. I have never had the patience to shuck peas, so I use the frozen variety. They are every bit as glorious and so much less fuss to prepare. Do not toss the leftovers!! I like to deliciously transform them by mixing them into a Frittata for protein-packed breakfast or lunch. (See my recipe for a basic Frittata.)

Be sure to serve this dish paired with a crisp, tropical-citrus Centanni Pecorino.

Today I received my weekly Coachella Valley Farm Box that is filled to the brim with gorgeous local fruits, vegetables, and dates. I like to turn these boxes into food challenges, creating new recipes by thinking outside of the box. No pun intended. Here is one I wanted to share. I recommend a glass of Grechetto by Madrevite with this savory vegetable dish.

My Italian Grandparents always had a jar of homemade Caponata in the refrigerator. They would mix it with their eggs in the morning, with sausage in the afternoon, on a thick slice of bread for a snack, or they would serve it tossed in pasta for a quick summer supper. I enjoy carrying on this tradition! I especially love the wonderful aromas that fill up my kitchen while I am cooking Caponata. It transports me back to my Grandmother’s kitchen.

This dish goes well with red or white wine, and I especially enjoy a crisp Centanni Falerio during the day and Le Senate Cacinello in the evening.

Fennel is one of my favorite vegetables. When enjoyed raw, it has a lovely anise flavor, but when cooked, it becomes sweet and savory all at once. Pure comfort food! Serve baked fennel with Roasted Cornish Game Hens and a bottle of one of Umbria’s finest wines, Madrevite Elve Grecchetto.

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