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This delicious boozy cherry sauce can be served on gelato, spooned over pound cake, or spread over grilled bread with goat cheese. Pair it with a robust glass of Poggio Grande Piano from Tuscany, and you will not be disappointed! I like to drink a bold Sangiovese any time I use this sauce.

Like pound cake, but much moister thanks to the EVOO, this simple cake is a great dessert, served alone or with a scoop of gelato or a medley of fresh berries spooned on top. I enjoy it most for breakfast with a frothy cappuccino. However, pairing this cake with a glass of bubbles takes it to a new level! I suggest Centanni Passerina Charmat Brut from the region of Le Marche.

I made this for dessert almost daily, using seasonal fruits from the Fruttivendolo, the fruit and vegetable stand just around the corner from my house. Adding the optional Maraschino liqueur transforms this simple dessert into something even more delicious. Use whatever fruits and berries are in season! When I eat this Italian version of fruit salad, I am transported back to Lake Como, where I lived for many years. This healthy dessert pairs deliciously with a bubbly glass of Centanni Passerina Charmat Brut.

We went to a week-long cooking school in Emiglia Romagna on one of our epic Italian adventures. We had so much fun, and I learned how to make so many delicious dishes. Sisters, Monica and Barbara, run the school Try & Taste. This is their recipe for Salame di Cioccolato, Chocolate Salami. It is so easy,  so decadent, and so incredibly amazing paired with a glass of red wine. Seriously amazing!! I suggest a robust glass of Sesterzo, a 100% Sangiovese red wine from Poggio Grande located in the Val d’Orcia area in Tuscany.

To make this vegan-friendly substitute butter with a plant-based butter, I use Miyokos European Cultured Butter.


This ridiculously easy dessert is always a favorite. I love to make homemade gelato, but I find a good-quality gelato like Talenti works best in this recipe because it is much harder than my homemade version, and it does not melt as quickly. The trick is to be sure to brew a proper strong espresso in an Italian espresso maker or press the button for a short shot if you have a machine.

This flourless decadent chocolate cake is a staple dolci, sweet, that is very popular around Naples. The story goes that a hotel baker on the island of Capri was rushing to prepare a chocolate torte for a very important guest. He was so flustered and rushed he forgot to add the flour! The results were a magnificent cake that soon became a treasured southern treat. I personally enjoy this uber chocolatey dessert with a robust structured wine, like Le Senate Cacinello.

Chiacchiere are crispy and delicious Italian cookies my Nonna always made during the holidays. For our family, the Thanksgiving feast was the start of a wonderful month to come filled with wonderful food, cheer, family time, and so many precious memories we made in the kitchen and at the dining room table. Nonna would put up a card table between the kitchen and the dining draped with a beautiful lace cloth covered with platters of homemade cookies, cannolis, chiacchiere, and cakes. I remember as a child, the grown up’s would allow me to have a small sip of Italian sparkling wine with dessert. I recommend serving a chilled glass of CorteAura Franciacorta with these amazing sweet ribbons of joy.

Dark, dark chocolate and red wine is a match made in heaven! I enjoy making this truffle recipe around the holiday season to box them up as hostess gifts along with a bottle of vino, Capitoni Frasi is an excellent choice. Roll these balls of decadence in nuts, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or anything else you think would be wickedly good.

Fragolino Liquore, Strawberry Liqueur, is a strawberry-infused digestivo, digestive drink, made by steeping ripe strawberries in grain alcohol for at least a month. The infusion is then mixed with simple syrup and then bottled. I make a large batch so I can give away pretty bottles of this crimson-hued Italian Moonshine for gifts.

Many restaurants in Italy serve a small scoop of sorbetto, sorbet, to cleanse the palate between courses. I most enjoy sorbet after dinner as a sweet treat, especially this version that does not have any added sugar. Just two ingredients, Spumante made from Passerina grapes, and pineapple. Serve with a slice of fresh pineapple and a chilled glass of Centanni Passerina Spumante Metodo Classico.

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