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Meet Amy Martino Phinny, YOURS TRULY, WINE creator and tastemaker.

A chef by nature and entrepreneur by trade, Amy has worked as a sommelier and restaurateur with over 20 years of fine wine experience. After tasting her way through most of the world’s greatest wine regions her palate found a home in Italy. In true Italian hospitality, our wineries welcomed her with open arms and she began working with them closely to craft a diverse and delicious collection of wines that represented everything she loves most about Italian wine: family-owned, organic, sustainably farmed, undiscovered, and limited production wines loaded with personality and natural flavor. When not speeding through the Italian countryside, Amy lives in Palm Springs, California with her husband, Stephen and their Golden Retrievers, George and Charlie.

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“I just have to tell you that I’ve been loving every bottle of wine from your collection. Last night I had a glass of wine from one of my other non-organic bottles that wasn’t from YOURS TRULY and I totally got a headache. Now I’m stocking up on yours! I just love it!”
- Stacy J.
“I sat in on a virtual wine tasting with my daughter some months ago, where I was introduced to YOURS TRULY imported Italian wines. The wines we tasted were delicious for sure, but what impressed me most was the winemaker and his family! He spoke of the land and his passion for making the wine taste rich and balanced. I live in Napa Valley, so I am familiar with great wines. YOURS TRULY brings the “Old World” here to me and during Covid, that has been a blessing! I immediately joined the wine club and have enjoyed every drop and every bottle I have received. I am so happy to have discovered YOURS TRULY and hope that Amy and Stephen continue to bring Italy here to me in Napa.”
- Diana R.
“My experiences with YOURS TRULY, WINE have been exceptional. Their commitment to traveling to the regions to meet the vintners and then experience and select the wines makes it feel like you are part of a special family.”
- Jesse P.
“YOURS TRULY, WINE has been an absolute delight of a new find. Their membership wine picks have been excellent and the mix has been nicely balanced. I have many times ordered more of what they have selected for dinner parties, virtual wine tastings with friends and customers, celebratory events, gifts (and school-night consumption!). They have wonderful interactive tasting events with their Italian vineyards, that allow us to see where the wine is made and also the people who support that wine. Cooking classes that are so much fun but also encourage better understanding of pairing, and why. These wines are imported, but they are not replications of what we could get locally; they are unique to their region and thus to be savored as an exploratory experience. This fosters international appreciation of what this region/country has to offer; this is a global community and appreciation of diversity in each delicious bottle.”
- Rhyse M.
“I am thoroughly enjoying YOURS TRULY, WINE. Amy has made some wonderful selections of lesser-known and organic delicious wines. Her passion for all things Italian makes it a pleasure to be part of the YOURS TRULY family.”
- James C.
“I opened a bottle of Piano and Falerio this week from the case I purchased from your company – one word for both – AMAZING. Who would have thought that a reasonably priced bottle of organic wine could compare to some of the best wines in the world? But it should not come as a surprise – it is an Italian wine, carefully selected by you and your talented team.”
- Bob S.
“The wine club has been so fun receiving shipments of interesting wines. We have also really enjoyed the Sunday Zoom Tastings with the Winemakers. They are such delightful people and learning about the wines has been both an educational and delicious experience!”
- Betty E.
“We are so impressed by the amazing selection of wines we received from YOURS TRULY, WINE each month. We did not know much about Italian wines before we joined the club but each month we have a new opportunity to try these great finds and pair them with our meals. Having lived in Italy for 10 years, Amy is a wealth of knowledge about the country and all of the wine regions. I feel like we hit the jack-pot on finding this wine club. One of the things we love to do is travel the California wine regions and discover smaller boutique wines. YOURS TRULY, WINE brings us amazing boutique wines all the way from Italy right to our door.”
- Pam H. & John M.
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Why We Exist

Our mission is to connect people back to their wine…

Back to the people producing it, the soil it grows in, the country it comes from, and the very foundation for its existence: tradition.

We believe wine is love. It is a shared experience, a cosmic connection between the person enjoying it and the hands and families that have grown it for generations. It is so much more than just a glass of wine—it’s a taste of history and a reunion with earth. This is why at Yours Truly, Wine you will never find non-organic, large-scale production or industrial wine.

As the exclusive importer for over 40 undiscovered wines, from 11 family-owned wineries throughout Italy; we pride ourselves on curating Italy’s finest and most delicious small-batch organic wine so that you can experience a taste of tradition with every sip.

Our Core Values











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