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Artichokes, capers, lemony chicken, and a glass of Poggio Grande Tagete creates the ultimate taste bud flavor party in your mouth! This is a go-to quick and easy dinner recipe I keep on repeat. My family loves it!

I have already mentioned this several times, but this recipe makes me have to repeat myself…Italians never throw anything away in the kitchen! A trick I learned while living there is to freeze all the vegetable parts not used. For example, when I peel carrots or potatoes, I add them to my veggie freezer bag. When I cut an onion, I place the ends and the peel in my veggie freezer bag. When I am ready to make broth, I pull out the bag, dump it into the water and wait for the magic to happen. I also freeze leftover broth in an ice mold, so I always have homemade broth on hand. This is a great sipping broth recipe and a delicious blank canvas for any soup you feel like making. I enjoy a glass of  Lumavite La Frenios Falerio with this savory Brodo.

Skirt steak is undoubtedly one of the most flavorful cuts of beef available, especially when it is left to rest in a Tuscan-style marinade, making it extra juicy and delicious. I like to keep it simple when preparing this go-to summertime recipe. A green vegetable, like grilled asparagus, is a must, along with crispy potatoes to sop up the juices and a simple green salad. The most essential element to accompany grilled steak is a big, bold red wine! This absolutely takes this recipe to another level of divineness. I suggest a bottle of Le Senate Blu Vellluto Spento from Le Marche. This 100% Cabernet Franc paired with the Bistecca alla Griglia will leave you speechless and satisfied.

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