This cool and refreshing Sicilian salad is the perfect combination of citrus sweetness from the orange sections and the fresh fennel’s delicate and mild anise factor. Because fennel aids digestion, raw slices are frequently served as a digestivo, a digestive aid, at the end of an Italian meal. I like to add toasted almond slivers and sprinkle them on top to add another layer of flavor and more crunch. This simple, elegant salad pairs fabulously with Madrevite’s 100% Grechetto, Elve’.

While living in Italy, I learned many invaluable things about embracing the Cucina Povera. Cucina Povera translates in Italian to “poor kitchen.” Still, it alludes to the economic ingenuity of poor Italian cooks who took advantage of anything plentiful and inexpensive that formed the foundation of a dish, as did anything left over, such as bread in salads and soups or breadcrumbs in pasta. Farro has always been one of those staples. Look for “semi-pearled” or “semi-perlato” farro, which has been partially polished to remove some of its hull. It will cook faster while still retaining the benefits of the whole grains. The nuttiness of this grain pairs beautifully with Valente Emozione No. 1, a well-balanced, medium-structured Montonico from Abruzzo that continues to evolve with age.

This is my Father’s famous and secret recipe! I grew eating this amazing salad every Sunday with our big family dinner. My Dad would make it tableside, using two forks to mash the ingredients into the best Caesar Dressing ever. By the time my little brother, Mario, was eight years old, he could make this dressing almost as well as my Dad. My version is made in a blender, and I like to use 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

Be sure to top this salad with Homemade Croutons, lots of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and freshly cracked pepper, and don’t forget the Madrevite Che Syrah Syrah!

This is my take of a classic American Chopped Salad with an Italian twist. I often sub out ingredients that I do not have on hand and use whatever I can find in my kitchen. Be creative and have fun! A glass of Centanni Pecorino pairs beautifully with this tasty salad.

Two of my favorites things, artichokes and Burrata, are married together in this not only flavorful but gorgeous salad. Since I use savory canned artichoke bottoms and always have homemade pesto sauce in the freezer, this recipe can be whipped up in minutes. Enjoy with a crisp glass of slightly effervescent Madrevite Elve’ 100% Grechetto.

A chilled glass of Lumavite La Frenios Falerio is the perfect wine to pair with this Italian antipasto style salad. The salty nuttiness of the Prosciutto with the creamy Cannellini beans anchors this salad. The crunch of the carrots, spiciness from the Pepperoncini, and the tang from the goat cheese create a mouth-watering scrumptious salad.



To make this vegan friendly, omit the ham and cheese. Feel free to toss in a plant-based cheese. I like Violife Feta in this recipe.

Orzo is a pasta shaped like a grain of rice and is an extremely versatile pasta to cook. It is often added to soups to Italy. As much as I enjoy eating Orzo hot, it is especially tasty mixed in with different vegetables to create a cold salad like this Orzo Insalata Estivo, Summer Orzo Salad. It is the perfect dish on a warm day. Be sure to serve a chilled glass of Madrevite Cosa Gamay with this refreshing and satisfying salad.

Napolitas are the paddles of the prickly pear cactus, a sought after food very popular in southern Italy, especially Sicily. The prickly pear fruits called Fichi di India are equally loved. One day while I was hiking in desertous terrain, avoiding the thorns of the prickly pear cacti, I remembered this refreshing Sicilian salad I enjoyed while visiting the island one hot summer. A chilled glass of Valente Emozione Number 1 Montonico is the perfect wine to pair with this exotic salad.



To make this vegan friendly, omit the pancetta and substitute the Pecorino with Violife Plant-Based Parmesan.

This gorgeous salad transports me to the charming Tuscan port town of Santo Stefano, where I sampled this Mediterranean salad for the first time. I like to add cannellini beans and tuna if I am serving this as a main course. Either way, it is a crisp and glorious salad to enjoy year-round. Have a glass of Poggio Grande Syrah with this delectable salad.

Rustica means rustic in Italian. When I hear the word rustica, I think of a quaint little hole in the wall trattoria off the beaten path that has been family-run for generations and generations with the most outstanding homemade food. I have been lucky enough to stumble upon these restaurants hundreds of times. I remember them all with very fond memories. This wholesome and nutritious salad is a version of a traditional mixed salad that trattoria’s across Italy serve to their patrons. Enjoy with a glass of Centani Falerio.

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