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After receiving her Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology, young entrepreneur, Francesca Valente, realized she longed for the days spent with her grandfather in the vineyards and the cellar. Her grandfather had dedicated his life to saving the almost extinct Montonico grape, which dates back as far as 1615. After his death, Francesca realized it was her calling to carry on her family tradition to rediscover and protect the ancient vines on her family land in Abruzzo. She decided to give life to what is, today, the largest vineyard of Montonico in the world – 3 hectares in total (about 7.5 acres)!


A photo of the Montonico Grape in Abruzzo, Italy. Taken by Francesca Valente.

Francesca’s grandfather taught her that the answers to everything can be found in the environment. As a small winery with a small voice, Francesca wanted to be part of a greater movement that honored just that, which is how she discovered the Slow Food Movement, specifically the Presidia Project. The Presidia Project “sustains quality production at risk of extinction, protects unique regions and ecosystems, recovers traditional processing methods, and safeguards native breeds and local plant varieties” (Slow Food Movement). She farms her vineyard biodynamically, without pesticides, and does not use chemical additives in her winemaking. Her wines are a true taste of the Italian countryside and transport you there with every sip. Give her wines a try today!

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