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Discover contemporary Organic Italian Wine. Savor the mix of traditions with new sustainable approaches in winemaking. Feel transported to Italy’s vineyards with every sip of its organic wines. Experience The World’s Rarest and  Finest Organic Wines.

Italy is one of the top organic wines producers not only in Europe but around the globe. With more than 4,000 years of tradition in making wines, Italian wine producers possess the know-how to deliver superb quality and variety of organic Italian wine.


The Best Imported Italian Wines

We are the exclusive importer and curator of Italy’s most coveted organic wines. This is wine as it was intended to be enjoyed.



Sustainable farming is not only beneficial to the environment but also helps to preserve the soil quality, reduces degradation and erosion, conserves water and eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides.



Our wines are made with organic hand harvested grapes, indigenous yeasts, the least amount of sulfites needed to stabilize the wine and naturally occurring malolactic bacteria.



Our winemakers all have the same philosophy; Incredible wine is created in the vineyard, not in the cellar. At YOURS TRULY, WINE, you will never find non-organic, large-scale production or industrial wine.

High Quality Organic Italian Wine

At Yours Truly, Wine, we carefully curate a wide variety of Italian organic wines that will find their way into every palate. Whether you prefer audacious reds, charming whites, vivacious spumantes, or crisp rose wines. We can offer you an unforgettable wine for a special occasion or an everyday family dinner.

Traditional Italian Grapes

Our wide variety of excellent organic Italian wines ranges from traditional italian grapes such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, and Montonico. From the breathtaking terroir of Italian wine regions like Lombardia, Le Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, and Abruzzo.

At Yours Truly, Wine, we want to transport you to the Italian Campagna with every sip of each of our extraordinary Italian organic wines. You just need to enjoy them.  

At Yours Truly, Wine, we don’t only believe in Italian Organic Wines are better for you and the environment. We are also passionate about the Italian terroir, winemaking traditions, and novel ecological techniques that deliver the outstanding array of organic Italian wines we are excited to offer to you. 

Red Italian Wines

Italian red wines have a long-standing tradition that is well alive today. From one of the most prolific wine regions in Italy, Tuscany, we bring you two phenomenal organic red wines from the Capitoni family. Marco, Antonella, and Angelo Capitoni had been cultivating their best organic wines in Val d’Orcia. Ancient wine region where at least 60% of their grapes are Sangiovese. The Capitoni combines old-fashioned traditions with newer farming methods, paying close attention to the vine’s expressions.

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At Yours Truly Wine, we present you with two magnificent red organic Italian wines choices of the Sangiovese rape blends from the Caitoni:

Capitoni-FRASI I.G.T.

This 2016 blend of Sangiovese and Caniolo has been aged for 24 months on French oak tonneaux giving it licorice ripe fruit, tobacco, and notes, pairing incredibly with spicy dishes, mature cheeses, truffles, and braised and roasted meats.


A blend of Sangiovese and merlot fermented in steel tanks and refined in bottle for six months. It posses a Chesnut woodiness due to its 12 month aging in barrique. It also gives notes of cherry, intense fruit, and spices. This well-rounded organic Italian wine from 2016 pairs perfectly with pasta, cheese, Soups, white meats, and charcuterie.

White Italian Wines

Nothing says summer is here like a glass of a chill, crisp glass of white wine. However, you can keep enjoying white wine even after the summer has left us until next year comes around. Italian white wines are as rich, intricate, and sophisticated as their red counterparts. At Yours Truly, we offer you a superb selection of our best organic white wines from wineries in Italy’s best white wine-producing regions. All the wineries that we collaborate with have a great winemaking tradition that dates back to several generations. They proudly offer you their expertise, love of their terroir, and family pride on each bottle.

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Centanni Winery

At the hills west of the medieval village of Montefiore dell’Aso, which had been inhabited since the Roman Age in the stunning, artistic, historical region of Le Marche, you will find Giacomo Centanni and his family running the Centanni Winery. The Centanni’s 79 acres vineyard follows the winemaking tradition started by Primo and Dalia Centanni, Giacomo’s grandparents resulting in extraordinary wines such as:

Centanni-FALERIO D.O.C.G

From the combination of the locally grown Trebbiano, Passerina, Pecorino grapes, the Centanni winery present its FALERIO D.O.C.G with white fruit, dry herbs, and subtle floral notes. Fermented and aged in steel tanks for six months, the Centanni FALERIO D.O.C.G pairs splendidly with your shellfish, white meat, and spicy dishes.


This single varietal wine is made with the light-skinned Pecorino grape, original from Le Marche region. This light yellow wine embodies mineral and tropical-citrus notes. This polish yet everyday wine will enhance your tasty risotto (add a drizzle of truffle oil), fish or pork dishes, or an assorted cheese plate, including burrata, of course.

Lumavite Winery

The small -12 acres- but rich territory of the Lumavite winery located in Rapagnano within La Marche area is own by Giancarlo Testa. He comes from a long line of wine merchants and wine makers, embracing the ancient and organic winemaking methods and rejecting pesticides. Lumavite follows the organic process from the fields to the cellars, creating remarkable wines like:


From a 2018 vintage, this blend of Trebbiano, Pecorino, and Passerinan possesses an intense fruity and floral aroma. Its perfect balance between acidity and dryness makes an ideal match for fresh oysters, rich pasta dishes, cheese plates, and roasted poultry dinners.

Madrevite Winery

With mild winters and hot breeze summers, the Trasimo Lake area in the region of Umbria where Madrevite Winery is located possesses a microclimate ideal for developing viticulture. Madrevitte was one of the very first families to apply organic methods to their winemaking process. By the hand of Nicola Chiucchiurlotto, Madrevite Winery is committed to environmental and economic sustainability. This way is carrying on a tradition that dates three generations and planting the basis for the ones to come.


Made out of the traditional Umbrian grape, Grechetto, this intense straw yellow wine carries herbaceous and perfume fruity bouquets. Its freshness and complexity match perfectly with fish and white meat courses as well as cured meats, olives, and more elements of the Italian antipasto.


The distinctive character of the Trebbiano Spoletino drape gives this wine structure. Manually harvested and then aged in stainless steel tanks for four months and bottle for three months gives this superb wine its straw-yellow and green shades colors. Its minerality and fullness pair magnifically with rich pasta dishes and white meat dishes.

Poggio Grande Winery

Tradition and innovation merge to bring you the Zamperini family’s best wines. With a winemaking history of more than 100 years, Luca created in 1999 Poggio Grande. An ambitious Father. Daughter-run project aiming to incorporate experimental organic methods applied to the vineyards in the best lands. Following conscious practices with the utmost respect and love for the land.

Poggio Grande-TAGETE I.G.T

This straw-yellow wit golden hues wine is fermented 50% in steel tanks and 50% in French oak barriques. Its aging process of 6 months in tonneaux of french oak, and three more months on fine lees results in intense mineral, fruity and floral notes. This elegant, high acidity, and intense wine suits whatever you are in the mood for.

Valente Winery

Francesca Valente is the soul of this winery located in the Abruzzo region. Inspired by her Nonno Ciccillo’s respect for the environment, the people, and the territory, she took the mission of saving the near-extinct Montonico grape, found as early as 1615. All the wines at the Valente winery are produced biodynamically, absent of pesticides or chemical additives. The Montonico grape obtains the Slow Food Presidium of Biodiversity label, which supports small traditional products at risk of extinction.


This 100% Montonico grape wine, harvested at the end of October, presents white berries, herbs, and hay notes on the nose that match its straw yellow tone with hints of green. The balance of dryness, acidity, and freshness on the palate makes it an ideal wine to combine with fresh cheeses, raw fish, cured meats, and delicate shellfish or fish main courses.

Enjoy Bubbly Wines From Italy

Nothing says celebration better than bubbly wines. The legendary Spumante can come from various wine regions. At Yours Truly Wine, we present you:

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Following the tradition that started by cultivating a handful of grapes by his grandparents, Giacomo Centanni and his family continue applying traditional wine-producing methods to their 32 hectares located west of the town of Montefiore dell’Aso at Le Marche region. This Centani Spumante D.O.C Metodo Calssico carries rose and herbal aromas with nutty notes of the Passerina grape. Its freshness combined with its earthiness and sweetness allows you to pair it with anything you can think of.


From the emerald hills of Umbria, Madrevite winery gift us with the winemaking expertise of three generations merged with organic farming. This 60 hectares Madrevite family farm was one of the first ones to implement sustainable organic agriculture. Besides dedicating their hectares to territorial varieties of Italian organic wine, they also cultivate olive oil and legumes. Madrevite Futura Spumante is made from the Trebbiano Spoletino grape, fermented in steel tanks, and then two more months in the bottle. Its fresh, creamy, citrus and white fruits notes make it ideal for pairing fish and white meat dishes.

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One box, delivered every 3, 4, or 6 months. First access to new releases and member pricing on all orders (20% off retail).


We’re on a mission to connect people back to their wine. Back to the people producing it, the soil it grows in, the country it comes from, and the very foundation for its existence: tradition.

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