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Corteaura Franciacorta was established in 2009 by Federico Fossati, who left his successful accounting firm to fulfill an oenological dreamto produce a top-quality wine in a territory with a natural predilection for grape growing. After meticulous research across all wine-producing areas of Italy, he recognized the Franciacorta region as the one that, above all others, would ensure his wines would have a rich and varied range of undertones. Monte Alto protects the vineyards from wind and fog and favors a temperate climate ideal for vine cultivation. The presence of three bunches of grapes within the municipal coat of arms is just one piece of evidence as to how dedicated this small town and its territory is to viticulture, which has ancient roots dating back to the 1500s.

Federico undertook the restoration of an old rural building, transforming it into a winery while maintaining full respect for the local aesthetic and surrounding vineyards. He believes that quality is the key to creating a product that lasts in time. Despite not coming from a wine-producing family, he was driven by passion and decided to place his bets in the Corteaura project investing all of his resources into it. Time has proven him right.

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