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Marco Capitoni, his wife, Antonella, and their son, Angelo, cultivate the ancient lands of Renaissance times in the Val d’Orcia. From wheat to vines, this family sticks to the traditional methods of farming. Capitoni wines originated from vines cultivated according to the knowledge of both ancient and new methods of farming with an emphasis on understanding what the vines are trying to express. It’s a labor of love, and they never use chemicals in their farming. These are choices Marco and Angelo make with pride and conviction that their products are delicious and healthy, and will therefore satisfy those searching for genuine quality.

The Capitoni wines in the Yours Truly, Wine portfolio are robust and well-structured yet elegant and aromatic. As the best Tuscan tradition dictates, our wines are particularly well-suited to pair with pasta with meat sauce and, above all, roasted red meats. If you prefer something lighter, we recommend cured meats (best of all Tuscan, because their particular flavor and good fat component pairs well with the tannins in Sangiovese) or mature cheeses (like our local Pecorino di Pienza).

With that being said, we are convinced of one thing—all combinations of food and wine are acceptable. There’s always an excuse to open a bottle of wine we like, and why let the question of what food to serve it with hold you back? Drink the wine for the sheer pleasure of sharing a glass with friends. Salute!

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