Torta di EVOO | EVOO Cake

Like pound cake, but much moister thanks to the EVOO, this simple cake is a great dessert, served alone or with a scoop of gelato or a medley of fresh berries spooned on top. I enjoy it most for breakfast with a frothy cappuccino. However, pairing this cake with a glass of bubbles takes it to a new level! I suggest Centanni Passerina Charmat Brut from the region of Le Marche.

Receipt Date: June 10, 2022
Difficulty: Easy
Measurements: Imperial (US)

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1 cup All-Purpose Flour

3/4 cup Sugar (I use Swerve replacement sugar)

2/3 cup EVOO

1/2 cup Almonds, toasted and finely chopped

3 tablespoon Baking Powder

1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt

4 Eggs

2 Oranges, zested

2 Lemons, zested

Powdered Sugar, to sprinkle on top once cooled


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Butter a springform pan and dust with flour.
Beat the eggs on low speed and slowly add the sugar, beating until fluffy and pale yellow.
In a bowl mix together the flour, baking powder, and salt, slowly beat into the egg mixture.
Add the EVOO and continue beating.
Fold in the almonds and citrus zest.
Pour the batter into the prepared loaf pan and bake for 50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the center of the torta.
Cool on a cooling rack.
Once cooled, remove from the loaf pan.
Sprinkle powdered sugar on top before serving.

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