The Story of Yours Truly, Wine

Ciao Friends,

My name is Amy Martino Phinny, and I am the founder of Yours Truly, Wine, an importer and distributor of small production, organic Italian wines. After living in Italy for many years, and working in the wine and restaurant industry, it has always been a goal of mine to visit often. A few years ago, while traveling around Italy with my husband Stephen, we fell in love with visiting small production, family-owned organic wineries. All winemakers’ stories have three very important things in common…they revolve around family, history, and the desire to create the finest wines possible! Join us as we dive into the story behind Yours Truly, Wine.


Stephen and I are avid travelers, and we have particularly fallen in love with Italy. During our trips, we made it a point to visit as many wineries as possible throughout the Italian countryside. We started seeing a trend – Italian winemaking stems from a family passion and one that is handed down from generation to generation. Needless to say, we felt right at home.

Storia d’Italia

Italians have been in the winemaking business for over 4,000 years and produce one-third of the world’s wine. The history of Italian winemaking is vast, and it is impossible to visit every winery that Italy has to offer… although, we will continue to try! With 20 different wine regions and 2,000 grape varietals, there are so many Italian wineries that have yet to be discovered. We learned that finding organic Italian wines was fairly rare, which is when our mission became clear– explore Italy’s wine regions, find the small production, organic wineries, and share them with the world. Or with the United States, to start.

Passione per il vino

Winemaking in Italy is a passion and as you now know, sharing the finished product with the world quickly became ours. The farmers describe their special bond with the land and honor their debt of gratitude by favoring the land’s gifts of nature through their winemaking. I am very proud to share their stories, and their wine, with all of you, and we hope you continue with us on this wine journey.

Wine is a love letter from the winemakers to you. A bottle filled with passion and love.

Yours Truly,

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