Italy's Most Wanted Wines

Italy’s Most Wanted Wines


Italian wines are considered some of the best in the world. It’s hard to argue with billions of dollars in sales as people clamor for Italy’s exported wine. Be it red, white, or sparkling, you can’t go wrong with a premium vintage from this Mediterranean country.  

Some Italian wines are so in demand that they come with thousand-dollar price tags. Others are sought after because they’ve won awards or recognition from oenophiles.

Here, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the most wanted wines from Italy and the wineries that produce them. These exquisite vintages are sold in limited quantities, making them the perfect way to celebrate your next milestone.


Madonna Nera 

The famous wine region of Montalcino, located in the southern part of Tuscany, dates back to the Etruscan and Roman periods. This spectacular mountainous landscape is also known as “La Madonna,” which has inspired the name of the Madonna Nera winery. 

Here, Carlo and Benedetta Borgogni partnered with the world-renowned oenologist Carlo Ferrini to realize their dream of making an award-winning Brunello. 

They have won numerous awards for the following vintages: 

Madonna Nera-BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C.G. Aromatic, elegant, and with perfectly integrated tannins, this full-bodied Brunello can be paired with grilled meats and hearty pasta dishes.

Madonna Nera-ROSSO DI MONTALCINO D.O.C. This wine offers black cherry and wild berry fruit notes and a hint of spices. It is a superb wine to pair with dishes like braised beef ragu with gemelli. 


Podere Albiano 

The unique combination of soil and clay in the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany inspired the creation of the Podere Albiano vineyard. Its owners, Anna and Alberto, are influenced by a desire to express their gratitude and respect for the land. Using geothermal energy, the entire estate has reduced its carbon footprint to close to zero. 

Podere Albiano has gifted us with:

Podere Albiano-ALBIANO ROSSO DI TOSCANA I.G.T. This elegant 2013 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot grape varietals is a perfect match for Italian Venison Stew with Polenta, a dish typical of the Friuli region in Northern Italy. 


Poggio Grande

Another winemaker family that follows the Tuscan rural tradition is the one led by Luca Zamperini. Their winery, Poggio Grande, is in the UNESCO heritage site of Val d’Orcia. Thanks to a passion for winemaking and a respect for tradition, the Zamperini family has gifted the world with superb wines.

Here’s one of their most exclusive vintages:

Poggio Grande-DI TESTA MIA RISERVA D.O.C. There are only 2,000 bottles of this exquisite 2015 vintage Sangiovese. Its elegant tannins, combined with dry plum and tobacco notes, make it an excellent pair with a tangy bolognese pasta dish. 


Fortunately, the modernization of Italian winemaking keeps producing interesting organic wines. They continue to delight our palates, including sought-after vintages like Brunello Di Montalcino.  

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