Drinking delicious Italian wine shouldn’t end on vacation.

As one of Exclusive Resort's Preferred Wine Partners, We Can Ship Wine Directly to Your Home

Treat your clients to some of Italy's Finest and Rarest Wine

We’re thrilled to curate two different wine shipments, exclusively for Exclusive Resorts Members. Please see below for details.

Exclusive Resorts Collection

Both shipments include a total of 12 wines, 3 of each varietal. Members receive a 20% discount.


Exclusive Resorts Member Pricing: $478.00+ tax and complimentary shipping (Retail: $597.00)
Wine Details Below:

1. Sparkling: 2017 Valente Montonico BRUT
**Region: Abruzzo
**Grape: Montonico
**Annual Production: 166 Cases

2. White: 2019 Centanni Pecorino DOCG
**Region: Le Marche
**Grape: Pecorino
**Annual Production: 1,666 Cases

3. Red #1: 2017 Le Senate Barbula Marche Rosso
**Region: Le Marche
**Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
**Annual Production: 583 Cases

4. Red #2: 2013 Madonna Nera Brunello DOCG
**Region: Tuscany
**Grape: Sangiovese
**Annual Production: 833 Cases


Exclusive Resorts Member Pricing: $570.00+ tax and complimentary shipping (Retail: $713.00)
Wine Details Below:

1. 2015 Le Senate Cacinello Marche Rosso
**Region: Le Marche
**Grape: Cabernet, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cab Franc
**Annual Production: 98 Cases

2. 2019 Poggio Grande Scorbutico DOC
**Region: Tuscany
**Grape: Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah **Annual Production: 98

3. 2013 Madrevite Che Syrah Sara IGT
**Region: Umbria
**Grape: Syrah
**Annual Production: 250 Cases

4. 2013 Madonna Nera Brunello DOCG
**Region: Tuscany
**Grape: Sangiovese
**Annual Production: 833 Cases

**Please note that the wine will need to be signed for by someone 21 or older. If you will be traveling over the next 3-4 days, please ship your wine to your office or nearest UPS location. To specify an exact shipping date, please contact Alex Gross at agross@yourstrulywine.com

**Please note that we cannot ship to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Our dedication to exclusivity isn’t the only thing that sets our wine apart…


ALL of our wines are incredibly complex and delicious, low in sugar, 100% organic, and sustainably produced.


Each wine we carry comes from undiscovered grapes that are grown, produced and bottled in small batches by family-owned wineries.


We curate the world’s rarest organic wine; offering unparalleled luxury delivered directly to your client’s door without breaking the bank. 


Every bottle is chosen with care and consideration; bursting with personality, profile, and unique flavor that will satiate any palate.

Meet Our Founder and Somm, Amy Martino Phinny

A chef by nature and entrepreneur by trade, Amy has worked as a sommelier and restaurateur with over 20 years of fine wine experience. After tasting her way through most of the world’s greatest wine regions her palate found a home in Italy. In true Italian hospitality, our wineries welcomed her with open arms and she began working with them closely to craft a diverse and delicious collection of wines that represented everything she loves most about Italian wine: family-owned, organic, sustainably farmed, undiscovered, and limited production wines loaded with personality and natural flavor.

We are the exclusive importer and curator of Italy’s most coveted organic wines.

Our mission is to connect people back to their wine. Back to the people producing it, the soil it grows in, the country it comes from, and the very foundation for its existence: tradition.

We believe wine is love. It is a shared experience, a cosmic connection between the person enjoying it and the hands and families that have grown it for generations. It is so much more than just a glass of wine—it’s a taste of history and a reunion with earth. This is why at Yours Truly, Wine you will never find non-organic, large-scale production or industrial wine.

As the exclusive importer for over 40 undiscovered wines, from 10 family-owned wineries throughout Italy, we pride ourselves on curating Italy’s finest and most delicious small-batch organic wine so that you can experience a taste of tradition with every sip.

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